Engineering Jobs

Our fields

We are looking for people in:


Machine Learning
The AI we developed automates customer support with an automation rate of up to 61% (i.e. almost 2/3 of the messages our client’s customers receive are automatically sent by our AI). We use a combination of convolutional neural networks and LSTMs.


Web development
Most of our web codebase is for an interface that allows our clients to configure, train, and use our AI. This is a fairly advanced codebase with many challenges on its own. We use Node.js, Vue and occasionally React.


We use AWS and Docker. Our deployment strategy is working well but we could need a pair of extra hands.

Our values

We nurture a deep engineering culture and we value:


We deeply enjoy engineering and many of us like to tinker in our spare time. With deep enjoyment we mean the following: if you’d receive 1 million dollars tomorrow and you wouldn’t need to work for the rest of your life, would you then tinker in your free time? If your answer is yes, then we consider that you deeply enjoy engineering. We look for such people.


We enjoy engineering because we intimately know that engineering is a powerful way to have an impact. To us, engineering is always a means to an end. We like to roll up our sleeves and get things done. We look for people that intuitively maximize impact. (Instead of maximizing recognition or knowledge.)


We are confident because our experience has shown that we are able to achieve audacious goals. We call this „true“ confidence: Not an inborn confidence but a confidence that has been gained through experience. We look for people that are not afraid of large refactors and drastic solutions.


Engineering diversity
We embrace people coming from different engineering backgrounds: we believe that engineering diversity is a win for everyone. You have a background in embedded systems and you are proud of your engineering achievements but you want to move onto web development? That’s fine and we want you. We don’t look for x years of experience with this and that tool, we look for engineering aptitude.


Keeper test
We believe in the „keeper test“: if someone was thinking of leaving for another firm, would we try hard to keep them from leaving? If someone doesn’t pass the keeper test then we openly discuss the problems and try to find a solution.
Those for whom we can’t find a solution are given a severance package. We see employment as a professional symbiosis where both the employee and the company are blossoming. We believe the keeper test to be an important prerequisite for such mutual blossoming.


Great Team
Hiring only great engineers is also about having a great team: enjoyment and focus on impact are contagious. Being part of a great team can be the thrill of a professional lifetime.


Today we are focused on AI for customer service with e-bot7. Tomorrow we will create new ventures and companies.